6 Tealight Candle Decorations to Create Beautiful Ambience

Tealights can look phenomenal in any room, and with the best DIY tealight candle decoration ideas, you can elevate these tiny gems that much more.

The history of the creation and the name of the tealight candle

Once upon a time, one outstanding candle maker came up with a new kind of candle and named it the tealight candle. They were named so as they served to maintain the desired temperature of tea in a teapot served at the table. These were flat wax candles encased in an aluminum frame instead of the traditional candle holder.


Tealight candle decoration ideas


Nowadays, tealights are a nice addition to the table setting, not as intimate or solemn as, for example, taper candles, but even more cozy and pleasant, plus, very economical. Tealight candles come in their own miniature “holder”. For the most part, tealights are made and sold in a small metal tray that gives them their shape and makes them so easy to insert into other designs. Tealight candles can also be scented and in addition to the décor, they are often used for aroma lamps.


tealight candle decoration in glass clear cup tealight candles tealight candle decoration with tray


6 Tealight Candle Decoration Ideas

Candles are a real mood-maker, especially when it’s getting cold and gloomy outside. The flickering candlelight not only creates a homely and romantic atmosphere but also spreads a good mood and gives the room a certain sense of coziness. Below are some original ideas on how to quickly and easily make great tealight candle decorations.

  1. Elegant and romantic décor for white tealight candles:

romantic tealight candle decorations 3


 tealight candles decor in glasses tealight candle decoration with candlestick tealight candles in glasses


According to professional designers, the most exquisite tealights are white, although there are many other shades. And the ideal décor option for creating a chic atmosphere is a combination with transparent glass, especially since such an alliance is perfect for any color scheme of the table.

If you want to create a romantic mood, and the house has a large supply of white tealight candles, look for small candlesticks in the form of flowers or vintage lanterns made of white-painted metal wire for them.

  1. Tealight candle decorations in bright colors

If the soul requires brightness, place tealight candles in colored glass candlesticks. Moreover, the sophistication of the shape of the candlestick does not play a role at all, even in simple, hand-painted jars, tealights will sparkle with new colors. This technique works great for creating color effects in a table setting - similar or in contrast to other elements of the table. In this case, the flame of candles will become more intimate.


tealight candles in glass tealight candles in colored glass candlesticks 4


If you have made a choice in favor of colored tealight candles, the rules of good taste suggest a neutral tone of the candlestick. If your décor elements include colorful candles and transparent candlesticks, wrap your candlesticks in a simple white cloth and tied them with thin ribbons in the color of each candle.

If you like colored floating candles, get contrasting ones and place them in “layers” in a tall vase, at the bottom of which you can place flowers and acrylic pebbles.

  1. Tealight candle decorations with patterned candlesticks


candlesticks with a pattern for tea candles 5 tealight candle decorations for Christmas

Despite their small size, tealights produce a flame as bright as other types of candles. Therefore, if you have an original candlestick (factory, designer, or handmade), do not rush to buy a larger candle, try to place a tealight in it: it will be no less spectacular, but much more impressive.

 4. Tealight candles (floating) and glass jars


floating tealight candles 6 floating tealight candle in jar 8  floating tealight candles in glasses


Floating candles in a glass jar is a well-known technique. There is another decoration idea that is no less interesting: the glass is turned upside down and acts as an elegant candlestick - simple and brilliant. Don't forget to take the tealight out of its aluminum cup so as not to spoil the impression!

  1. Tealight candle decorations in one line


romantic room decoration with tealight candles burning tealight candle room decor with tealight candles


 tea light candles- wedding decoration tealight candle decorations in a line 7 Thanksgiving decoration with tealight candles


This is a great decoration idea, supposedly coming from Southeast Asia. In combination with a long narrow boat tray or flower petals, it looks amazing.

  1. Tealight candle decoration with natural materials


tealight candle decoration tealight candles in wooden candle holder tealight candles with wooden candle holder


This type of decoration is for fans of eco-style. Coffee beans and spices, citrus and gourds, fruits and berries, sea pebbles and shells, large leaves, and tree snags- these are amazing décor elements that can be used with tealights.

Tealights are among some of the most versatile items to use as decorations, more so when you place them in the right holders. There is no need to buy these though as you can make some stunning handmade tealight holder décor that will help showcase your style and give a much-wanted personal touch to your décor overall. But that’s another story for another time!


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