12 outdoor candles to light up your summer nights

Sitting outside on a summer evening is one of life's little pleasures.

Candles add a romantic atmosphere to any space, indoor or outdoor. They make fantastic centerpieces, go with any décor style, and come in a lot of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Outdoor candles can do more than just turn your outdoor space into an ambient haven. Many outdoor candles are infused with a citronella scent that deters those pesky insects that seem to appear whenever it gets a little bit warmer. Place several on your patio or alfresco dining set-up, and you'll be sure to be left in peace to enjoy without the worry of bugs invading your retreat.

 Difference between outdoor candles from indoor candles?

Though similar, there are a couple of differences. Many outdoor candles have thicker wicks to prevent rogue gusts of wind from extinguishing the flame. They're often infused with insect-repellent citronella oil to repel mosquitoes, too.

The extra heat which is generated from the big wick will make sure that the candle wax will melt easier, and will be more easily taken in by the wick itself, to make sure the candle burns longer, and at low temperatures.

12 outdoor candles to burn this summer

1. Tealight outdoor candles hanging in the trees


Hanging tealights candles for outdoor decoration outdoor tealight candles


The simplicity and sparkle of tealights can be used to great effect when you hang them from trees. All you need are some small jars and string - or even colorful ribbon - to create a glowing space at your summer party.

2. Candles in wine bottles


cut wine bottles for candle outdoor candles in a wine bottle


Cut wine bottles close to the end and suspend them on a round wrought iron circle to create a unique chandelier. Try alternating candles with plants for a unique look. Multicolor dripping candles will also look amazing.

colorful wax dripping candles

3. Tapers as an outdoor candles


outdoor table decoration with taper candles Taper candles for an outdoor dinner table


An elegant outdoor soirée needs taper candles. Use glass candle holders and tapers in two complementing colors, along with matching table décor, to create a summer party centerpiece that everyone will want to emulate.

4. Rustic wooden outdoor candle centerpiece


outdoor tealight rustic candles rustic outdoor candles decoration


A uniquely shaped piece of beech wood can easily be mounted and have tea light holders attached to create a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

5. Floating candles for an outdoor relaxing mood


floating candles for relaxing mood floating candles in pool


Bowls of floating candles make standout table centerpieces, and you can use different-sized bowls depending on the size of your table. The effect is charming and calming. Select the colors to match your theme, or go for metallic for that extra shine. We love using different-sized floating candles, too.

6. Hanging candles in jars


outdoor hanging candles in jars hanging jar candles


Simple jars are filled with pebbles to hold tealight candles in place. Thick, strong twine is looped around the top and used to suspend each jar from a branch.

7. Pillar candles in lanterns


lanterns for pillar candles outdoor pillar candles in lanterns


Of course, being outside means there’s a risk that a little wind will blow out your candles. To protect them and light up darker corners, put pillar candles in lanterns and dot them around your outdoor space.

8. Tealight candles in parasol


parasol tealight candles holder


Small glass buckets are attached to the top of a parasol via small chains. Candles inside of each jar light the dining area intimately.

9. Candle Chandelier


outdoor candle chandelier


Even a traditional wrought iron chandelier can be an outdoor lighting source. This piece is best tucked beneath a covered patio.

10. Birdcage with flowers and candles


birdcage with flowers and burning candle


An antique birdcage makes for a beautiful and quaint candle holder. Place a few blooms along the bottom and multi colored pillar candles to complete the look.

11. Flower pots with candles


Flower pots with burning candles


Inserting a glass-enclosed candle into the center of any pot of plants creates an elegant addition to your patio and dresses up plain planters.

12. Colorful summer with candles


outdoor table decoration ideas with taper candles


Summer and vibrant colors go hand-in-hand. Pinks, bright blues, yellows, and vivid greens all give that summer vibe. Mix and match different types of candles - pillars, tapers, and tealight candles, for example - and place them on trays around your outdoor space.

Candle safety tips

As beautiful as your outdoor candle setup may be, safety should always be your first concern. A burning candle should never be left unattended, or burned on or near anything that may catch fire. At gatherings, always make sure candles are out of reach of children or pets.

While we encourage the use of creative candle holders, always use one that is specifically designed for candle use. The holder should be heat-resistant, sturdy, and large enough to contain any drips or melted wax. Always place your candles on a stable, heat-resistant surface to avoid heat damage and prevent glass containers from breaking.

Be sure to light for at least four hours the first time you use it, or until it melts from edge to edge. This allows for a clean and even burn, with no wasteful, unappealing tunneling.

To prevent smoking, trim the wick by 3 to 6mm between uses, and always keep candles on a heat-resistant surface so as not to pose a fire risk or damage your garden furniture.

If your candle comes with a lid, replace it after use to protect the surface from dust and preserve its fragrance.



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