11 New Year’s candle decoration ideas

New Year is a favorite holiday for many adults and children. This is a time of miracles and surprises, so you want to fill everything around with a fabulous mood, including your home. To decorate the house for the holiday, you can buy accessories in the store, or you can make decorations with your own hands. Candles are one of the most popular New Year's décor attributes.


pillar candles for Christmas decoration advent wreath


New Year’s candle: History

The custom of lighting candles during the evening feast on New Year's holidays dates back to the time when electricity had not yet been invented. Despite the modern abundance of electric and LED devices, candles are often found on the festive table. Often, a composition of four candles is used as a central decoration. This custom was adopted by the Catholics, who lit one candle a week for a month during the fast before Christmas. As a result, a monument of four candles is formed on the table, which marks the end of abstinence by the time of the celebration of the Catholic holiday.

Since ancient times, people used to light fires in their homes during the winter holidays. New Year's candles are a long-standing tradition that brings warmth, comfort, and a special atmosphere to the house. There are different types of them, and many techniques in which they can be performed. The interior with these décor items acquires new, unique features.


New Year and Christmas decorations


New Year's candles - varieties

During the winter holidays, you can show your imagination by choosing candles as a décor attribute. Beautiful New Year's candles, depending on the design and their features, can be of the following types:

1. Taper candles – tall with a classic design and a small diameter. These candles can help you create a cozy atmosphere. Candelabra will give your creation sophistication and delicacy, and for New Year's décor, they are combined with coniferous twigs.

Christmas tree and taper candles taper candles decoration


2. Pillar candles. Self-supporting candles with different heights, are sturdy and are created with molds rather than jars or containers. They use denser wax, which provides a longer burn and can be scented or unscented.


candle decoration for the holidays pillar candles and new year ornaments


  1. Tealight candles. They are flat paraffin candles enclosed in aluminum or plastic cups.


Christmas tealight candles decoration tealight candles decoration for the holidays


  1. New Year's scented candles. Essential oils or candle fragrance oils are added to create a festive atmosphere.

scented tealight candles for the new year


  1. Candle with various shapes. To decorate the house for the winter holidays, you can choose candles in the form of deer, fairy-tale characters, Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and the like.


Christmas wax candles New year candle decoration


13 candle decoration ideas for the New Year

Candles create a magical atmosphere in the house, which is why they are so often used in the New Year's interior. Their flickering lights complement the comfort of winter evenings and emphasize the festive decoration of the rooms. But even unlit wax and paraffin figurines can decorate a house. Having shown a little imagination, you can make original New Year's compositions from them.

1. Glass candlesticks

new year candles with glasses new years candleholders

Take ordinary glasses of wine or champagne, and put New Year's toys, cones, and Christmas tree branches in them. Sprinkle some artificial snow or glitter and turn the glasses upside down. Place white pillar candles on top. Arrange them in a row, from 3 to 5 pieces, on a shelf, windowsill, or fireplace.

2. Festive tray


It is quite simple to create a New Year's composition on a tray. Place candles of different sizes and widths on a tray, and place Christmas balls, cones, and tangerines between them. Such a decoration can be moved from place to place, and the wax will drip onto the tray and will not stain the furniture.

3. New Year wreath

Christmas wreath Christmas wreath with candles


This traditional spruce twig decoration is usually hung on a door or wall. But it will fit perfectly into the interior and as a stand for candles. Cut out a small hoop from cardboard. Attach spruce branches to the frame with threads or wire and decorate the wreath with cones and Christmas tree decorations. Now place one large candle or several smaller ones in the center. Such a composition will be a great decoration for a festive table.

4. Hanging pot

hanging pot with candles for New year hanging pot with candles


This decoration is made the same way as a wreath. Only the basis for the composition should not have holes. You can take a round metal tray and wrap it around the edge with wire. After that, attach pine branches in a circle, making a wreath. From below, hang Christmas balls. And along the edges, tie a few long ribbons for which the planter will be attached to a chandelier or a hook on the ceiling. Make sure they can support the weight of the structure. Place the candles on a tray and hang the pots over the table.

5. Artificial fireplace

fireplace decoration ideas


Not everyone has a real fireplace in the house, and even more so in the apartment. But some have artificial ones. You can create a cozy hearth with the help of candles. Just place thick candles of different sizes inside, and decorate the candles with pine or juniper twigs. By the way, you can make a decorative fireplace with your own hands from foam or cardboard boxes.

6. Unusual pots

pots with candles


A garden blooming on the windowsill can also be made festive with the help of candles. Add some festive elements to cacti and violets. Place long candles in pots and decorate the composition with New Year's tinsel and other New Year's attributes. Pots with candles can also be “dressed” in knitted planters from old mittens or woolen socks, which will add even more comfort and a winter mood.

7. Fairy meadow

decorations with candles for New Year


Saw the logs into stumps of different heights, decorate with artificial snow and place them against the wall. Now put candles on them. You can complement the composition with figures of forest animals and birds. Such an unusual and rather easy décor will create an atmosphere of a winter forest or a summer cottage in an apartment.

8. New Year’s candles and lollipops

candy cane candle holders


Lollipops in this case can not only be eaten but also used as a decoration. Wrap the bottom of the candle with double-sided tape and attach the Christmas candy around the entire circumference of the candle.

9. Candlesticks decorated with coniferous twigs and berries

decoration with candles and berries


Flower pots can be used not only for plants but also as New Year’s candle holders. Put some damp floral foam in a pot and stick coniferous branches and berries into it, leaving room for a candle in the middle. Then strengthen the candle in the pot with small twigs. To do this, make three or four holes in the base of the candle and insert branches into them. Then stick the candle into the floral foam.

10. Sea of white candles

Christmas white candles decoration


Take a mirror, put it on the table and put a lot of white candles on it. Arrange fragrant coniferous branches, small oranges or tangerines and pine cones in the center of the table. Instead of oranges and cones, you can put a Christmas garland on top of the twigs.

11. Candles in jars

An ordinary jar can turn into a beautiful candlestick. You just need to fill it with water, dip a small candle into the water and decorate the jar with a ribbon.


decoration with candles in jars



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