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PHONE ORDERS: 1-800-929-7867 (1-800-WAX-STORE)

General Wax and Candle Company is one of the largest candle manufacturer on the West Coast. We have been producing quality candles since 1949.

Wholesale Candles & Accessories

We offer wholesale prices on many candles and accessories when purchased in large quantities (usually five cases or 60 each or more) of the same part group number. You may mix and match any colors and/or scents available in box quantity within that part group.

Items which are available at wholesale price will show a "5 cases" price (or other large quantity) in the price table. This is the wholesale price.


We do not offer samples of our products, but since there is no minimum order, a purchase can be made at the smallest quantity listed.

Orders placed through our website for California delivery are not eligible for tax exemption. All orders shipped outside California are automatically tax exempt.

Please call 1-800-929-7867 (1-800-WAX-STORE) during business hours for quotes on quantities larger than those shown above.

(800) 929-7867

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