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100% Beeswax 2" x 18" Groove Base Candle Stick

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General Wax Co., offering a wide variety of candles wholesale. Taper candles, votive candles, pillar candles, candle holders and candle accessories all at wholesale candle pricing.

Product Description

Our superior quality beeswax candles have been a favorite among religious institutions for decades. Choose from a wide variety of sizes, in 100% and 51% beeswax.

2 inches
5.08 cm
18 inches
45.72 cm

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100% Beeswax 2" x 18" Groove Base Candle Stick


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2014 candle making class information
class info!

Candle Class

  • I really enjoyed the theory of candle throw, flow and the science of candle making in general. Loved the info!

    - Susan LaPrelle

  • Lots of fun! I haven't made candles since my Grandma taught me candlemaking on her back porch.

    - Carlotta Tendant

  • Fun, informative and no hard sell!

    - Quinn Bookalan

  • I can't wait to share candle making with my grandkids! Thanks Colton.

    - James Duff

  • I appreciate candles much more by learning how to make my own as well as the components that go into making them.

    - Maria Cordova

  • I loved the instructor! He definitely answered all my questions. . .

    - Alicia Rodrigo

  • Very informative. Loved the hands on experience. Can't wait for the next level.

    - Rhea Bell

  • Truly enjoyed this class. Will be taking others. Very satisfied with the class. Great teacher!

    - Jacqueline Caldwell

  • Insightful, fun and very interesting. A great class for beginners and very affordable.

    - Yasmin Geles

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